Many students upset with BU fee hike

The recent fee hike announced by Bangalore University (BU) was a bolt from the blue for many students, especially those from rural and disadvantaged backgrounds.

The Hindu EducationPlus spoke to some of the students about whether the hike derailed many a postgraduate degree dream, whether the hike was justified, and what they would like the increased funds through higher fee to be used for.

Santhosh Reddy, M.A. Political Science

Most students pursuing humanities come from rural areas and economically backward conditions. It is an unjustified move to increase the fee without seeking the opinions of students and other stakeholders. Earlier, the modest fee structure was the main reason behind many students choosing BU over private colleges irrespective of the quality of education. But now, the PG dreams of many poor students are shattered.

Shrikanth M. Kusur, M.Sc Mass Communication

It is pointless to increase the fee structure when you see the same old condition of classrooms, computers with no Internet facility, etc. As students of mass communication, we are in constant need of information and communication technology; while many colleges have adopted smarter methods of conducting classes, we are still struggling to get basic facilities. The idea behind education is to empower and promote growth, but BU’s unreasonable fee structure leaves many students burdened.

Sindhu Hegde, M.Sc Mass Communication, Bangalore University

I know many students have no money to travel or eat. There are people from far-off places like Hoskote, Bidadi, etc., coming to this campus with the hope of attaining postgraduate education that strengthens their chances for employment. Many made plans to pay the current year’s fee by keeping in mind the previous year’s structure. But the unexpected hike has hampered their plans. BU must understand this simple logic. If all could afford so much money, they would rather walk into some private institution.

Our campus is devoid of basic facilities such as toilets, classrooms are congested, and the chairs are always broken. Can’t the funds be utilised to improve the condition of the campus?

Nagesh B.P., M.Sc Statistics

Bangalore University has not only increased the tuition fee, but also the hostel, transportation, and examination fee, revaluation charges and prices of the canteen food. Despite paying a huge amount, our hostel rooms are small and very dirty. Also, the quality of food served is poor. I wonder what BU is doing with our money.

Hemalatha A., M.Sc Psychology

I don’t have much to complain about Bangalore University’s poor infrastructure as I don’t depend on any of it. The sudden increase in fee has not affected me because I can afford it.

But I am not sure if this is really a wise decision considering the number of students who hail from humble backgrounds.