Students of VIT Chennai have come up with LIBBOT to monitor the library.

In this era of automation, robots are being designed for complex applications in order to improve efficiency, reduce manpower, etc. Monitoring library stacks on different floors is a non-skill based work being done manually. Four M.Tech students from VIT Chennai, P.Vishnu, D. Phani, G. Uday and H.M. Praveen under the guidance of Prof. C.H. Priyanka have designed and developed “LIBBOT” a single eyed monitoring robot, which can be used in libraries to keep a watch on different floors in the library. The multifunctional robot can continuously monitor, locating itself in various positions or moving continuously, thus recording the activities on the floor.

The unit which comes with an IP camera and night vision, IR sensors, ultrasonic sound detector and a microcontroller, costs Rs. 25,000, and when used effectively, can reduce manpower. The robot can be operated remotely, and the information is stored in a computer system in the control room. The campuswide Wi-Fi system enables this operation. The robot can trek in a straight path, move backwards and forwards and stop abruptly for two seconds on detecting a human obstacle. If a permanent obstacle is detected for more than five seconds, the robot will move back. It is also designed to record any noise, or voice in the room. This was tested effectively in the VIT Chennai Library. The students say that the cost can be as low as Rs.12,000 if it goes for mass production.