Shaastra, the annual technical festival of IIT Madras has announced new initiatives for the 2014 edition of the event.

The event will be held from January 4 to 7. Some of the new initiatives are:

Pan IIT research eExpo and research confluence: As part of its defining principles, Shaastra is taking up special efforts to celebrate the research being undertaken by the students across all IITs under the Pan IIT Research Expo; this will be preceded by the research confluence which will consist of interactive panel discussions and lectures by eminent speakers from industries such as GE, Eaton and TCS.

Shaastra lecture series: Among the foremost of these initiatives is the Shaastra Lecture Series, which brings together some of the best minds from around the globe including Richard Stallman, pioneer of the Free Software movement, Dave Lavery, leader of NASA's Curiosity mission to Mars and youngest CEO’s in the world, Shravan and Sanjay Kumaran.

Envisage: Envisage is a scintillating techno-cultural show, which is completely scripted, developed and organised by the students of IITM.

Social initiatives: Computer literacy for all is aimed at addressing the information asymmetry between the rich and the poor, between the rural and the urban areas in India and comparable socioeconomic profiles.

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