The Department of Tourism Studies at the Pondicherry University has added some new courses for the next academic year. From the academic year 2012-13 onwards, the department will offer integrated Ph.D programme, dual MBA programme and also diploma programme in hospitality management.

The duration for the integrated Ph.D programme will be five years, where the student will join at the postgraduate level and complete the programme with a Ph.D. According to Y. Venkata Rao, head of the tourism studies department, students will receive Rs. 1,000 per month as stipend during the first two years and Rs. 5,000 during the last three years of the programme. And with the dual MBA programme, students will be able to complete two MBA degrees in the space of five years.

The diploma in hospitality management, which is a one-year course, will train people to become managers in the hospitality industry. Unlike other diplomas, it does not offer training in the kitchen or housekeeping or any other department. Instead, it trains the students to become a manager of a property, he said.

Tourism lab

In addition to these new courses, the department is developing a tourism laboratory, which will help their students gain an overall understanding of tourism, Mr. Venkata Rao said.The tourism lab will feature currencies from different countries, a museum of old travel documents and even a model ticket-booking desk. Even people who know nothing about tourism will be able to understand what it means by spending 15 minutes in the laboratory, Mr. Rao said.

The department

The Department of Tourism Studies is housed in the department of Management studies and was formed in 1991. They currently have 66 students in the MBA Tourism course and 25 Ph.D scholars.