There are inherent advantages to studying Fine Arts in a multicultural setting, writes Divya Murthy, sharing her experiences at NAFA, Singapore.


The safe and comfortable cosmopolitan environment Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore makes it the perfect destination for education abroad. The central location of this island country makes it a great place for students from all over the world to come together, exchange ideas and practise art.

Boasting a coveted No.1 ranking in the Crowbar Awards, NAFA conducts a comprehensive range of full-time diploma courses and delivers degree programmes in partnership with reputable universities from Singapore, the U.K. and the U.S.A. Their diploma and degree programmes spread across eight departments: 3D Design, Arts Management and Education, Dance, Music, Theatre, Design and Media, Fine Arts and Fashion Studies. NAFA is the only institution in Singapore that provides arts education from kindergarten to tertiary level. Located across three purpose-built campuses in the arts belt and within walking distance from major performing venues, museums and arts groups, NAFA is right where it should be. The vibrant surrounding is a catalyst for the discourse, dialogue, teaching and learning of the arts. The campus gives the students the inspiration to explore and observe different parts of life. The world-class infrastructure provided by NAFA also offers the students an opportunity to experiment beyond boundaries.


One of the best attributes of NAFA is the tuition grant, provided by the Ministry of Education, Singapore which makes it one of the most affordable institutions for Indian students. Although the cost of living is considerably high, students are allowed to work part-time unlike other private institutions.

NAFA has helped me think critically, creatively and independently, and gain the best of knowledge. The presence of people of varied nationalities in the campus helped me understand other cultures. This The institution not only groomed me but also helped develop my personality and most importantly has given me experience.

Adapting to a country like Singapore is comparatively an easy task as the weather is very similar to Chennai. The cuisine is also varied, making it easier to settle in. The environment and the local population are friendly and welcoming, which helped me feel like it was ‘home’ in a far away land. Singapore being close to India makes it easier for the students and parents to visit each other frequently.

The writer is a student counsellor at ISRC (Integrated Students Recruitment Center)

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