The International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad (IIIT-H) is setting up development hubs for gaming and multi-media, energy efficiency and mobile applications for use by start-ups to prototype and test their products.


The IIIT-H Director, Rajeev Sangal has said that the institute actively incubates start-ups whether based on technology coming out of research centres or based on ideas that come from students, faculty and alumni. He was listing out the achievements at the convocation of the IIIT-H.

The Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, which spearheads the activity currently, houses 13 product start-ups in the areas spanning: language and speech technology, augmented reality, data analytics, gaming, social networking and education. The Government supports the Centre through infrastructure funds and seed funds for start-ups. Some of the start-ups have also got angel funding from institutional and private investors.

Prof. Sangal stated that social applications of research were also very important and the Institute’s Lab for Spatial Informatics has launched VRGeo, an open source software for geo-spatial information. In addition, IIIT-H has several achievements in technical contests. The institute represented India in the ACM ICPC 2012 international contest and the team came in top 20. It represented India fourth year in a row. Similarly, IIIT-H has been number one globally in Sphere Online Judge, a highly popular programming site with over 30,000 users.

Focussing on other achievements Prof. Sangal said that IIIT-H has consistently been ranked among the top 10 technology schools in the country by a number of national surveys and is the only institution from the State to achieve the distinction.

On the tie-ups, he said the institute’s ambitious Research Exchange Programme (RExP) with leading research groups in the world has been productive. Under it Ph.D students spend as much as six months or more at the participating university abroad. Many more students go to present their research work in conferences abroad and in India.

The institute also has active collaboration with several national and international institutions. “Nationally, we are working closely with about two dozen national research groups on 8 major consortia projects to develop technology for Indian languages related to machine translation, search, speech and OCR,” he said.

Prof. Sangal said that IIIT-H is helping to train teachers of engineering colleges in Andhra Pradesh and also giving them digital courseware based on learning by doing so that their students can benefit directly. About 450 teachers from AP engineering colleges have been trained through two-month contact programmes over the last three years. Many of them in turn are conducting special four-month certificate course in IT for students at their colleges.