On the Karnatak University campus in Dharwad, students have a new place to study and relax

Just imagine how relaxing it would be for the students to read or study sitting in a serene atmosphere surrounded by lush green trees and colourful flowers, enjoying the cool air and sometimes the twittering of birds! Furthermore, if there is no need to maintain silence like in the traditional libraries and the students can freely discuss their subject matter, it will really make studies more interesting.

It may seem like a fantasy, but it is reality for the students of Karnatak University, Dharwad. The university has introduced the novel idea of eco-library on its campus where the reading facilities for the students have been provided inside the garden. The university campus itself is a hub of greenery and bird species and called Chota Mahabaleshwar.

The eco-library is a concept that facilitates joyful reading and is the brainchild of Vice-Chancellor H. B. Walikar and the first-of-its-kind in the State.

Prof. Walikar said the garden in front of the administrative building was converted into the eco-library, adding a few facilities for reading. Students who have time to spare before their next class and who wish to go through textbooks or have a discussion can drop into the eco-library. Similarly, those preparing for examinations can use it and need not go the main library which is a little away from the main buildings. Almost all postgraduate departments of the university are located in the surroundings of the eco-library.

For discussions

The main library allows students to access books but they cannot go for group or combined studies and discuss the subject matter inside the library. This is coming in the way of understanding the subjects thoroughly for the students. Realising this hurdle in learning, the varsity decided to set up the eco-library.

To make reading enjoyable, the university has provided simple but useful facilities such as lawns and stone benches with fixed tables. Each set of benches and tables has been installed maintaining sufficient distance. Apart from this, there is a green canopy with benches under it. Nearly 30 students can sit and study at a time under the canopy. Two parabolas are the additional attractions. The university spent Rs. 35 lakh on it.

Though it has been planned to get the facility inaugurated by the Minister for Higher Education, R.V. Deshpande, shortly, the students have already started thronging the eco-library. “It is an ideal place for combined studies. We can freely discuss the subject matter, which is not possible inside the main library,” said Subramanya, who is preparing for competitive examinations.