Students who indulge in ragging are in need of serious help emotionally

A recent incident, allegedly involving the ragging of a student in a Bangalore college, has brought the focus back on this sensitive issue. How prevalent is this practice in colleges these days and are educational institutions taking measures to prevent ragging? Interestingly all the students The Hindu EducationPlus spoke to said that they haven’t experienced it at any point.

Ankitha C., second year, M.Com, Mangalore University, Mangalore

I feel ragging is something unacceptable and measures should be taken to ensure that it does not take place. Measures taken at the initial stage itself will prove beneficial. I haven’t experienced ragging, because it is strictly banned in the institutes I had studied in. How can students have fun at the expense of another person? Because of this practice many students have lost their lives too.

In my college students are told at the beginning of the academic year about the ban on ragging and also the action that will be taken against anyone who commits this act. Seniors are repeatedly warned by the college authorities not to indulge in ragging.

Shamith Uchil, final year BBM, SDM College, Mangalore

Ragging is carried out by people who think that they are superior to others, but in fact they have a sense of inferiority. Personally, I haven’t experienced it nor would I do it to someone else. If ragging is practised for fun, it is acceptable only to a certain limit; after a point it needs to be curtailed. There isn’t much of ragging in my college due to strict disciplinary measures.

Shyam Pradeep, third year, B.Com, Sindhi College, Bangalore

Ragging is a crime and it can affect the victim badly. Ragging should not be done for fun as it is not fun for those who are experiencing it. In our college, ragging cannot happen. It is a very secure atmosphere for us as we have a student governing council which takes care of maintaining discipline. The principal too is very particular about the safety of students.

Sanjay Vinayak H.K., first year B.E., R.V. College of Engineering

Rragging is dangerous and detrimental to the college atmosphere and causes psychological problems to the students. If ragging is not severe, it’s somewhat okay. Seniors just asking our names and to address them as ‘Sir’ or ‘Madam’ is fine up to a certain extent. But making fun of others for their looks, behaviour and so on is not appropriate. Our college is very strict regarding ragging incidents. If any incident is reported, an ad hoc committee is formed immediately and depending on their actions students may be suspended. There have been instances of cases being booked against the students responsible. All the students have to compulsorily submit an anti-ragging affidavit during admission.

Sukhaja Satishchandra, final year, B.A. (English Studies), Christ University, Bangalore

I don’t support ragging at all. It’s alright to tease juniors and peers but ragging takes it to an all new level. I’ve been fortunate to not experience it so far. I wouldn’t even think of doing it to someone. Our college moreover has strict anti-ragging laws in place. Our student council takes care to address all student concerns. I think ragging is done in order to boost one’s own ego and standing among one’s peer group. Students who rag others are in need of serious help emotionally.

Our college has a safe environment and there are several security guards in place at many venues at all times of the day. They scrutinise the behaviour of students. The integrity of the university comes first and it will take all possible measures to prevent such acts. All students on admission must sign an anti-ragging agreement.

Jagriti Gupta, first year, MS Communication, Garden City College, Bangalore

The term ‘ragging’ itself is tormenting. Practising ragging beyond limits is humiliating to students. Seniors should not rag the juniors to insult them or dominate them. This should not be encouraged. I completely condemn it. It lowers the self-confidence of the victims. Though I haven’t experienced it, my friends have. I always had healthy interactions with my juniors.

Interactions are better than ragging. My college is strictly against ragging. We have an anti-ragging committee to discourage any sort of ragging happening on the college premises and punish the ones who indulge in this crime.


The ragging menace is back?March 16, 2014