The Hindu ‘Inter –Collegiate EPlus Club Challenge 2012' saw 1,200 students from 40 colleges participating in this mother of all inter-collegiate competitions. S. Sandeep Kumar reports

There was innovation, fun, excitement, curiosity and intense competition. It had all the ingredients that tested a student's ability in different fields and students grabbed the opportunity and came out in flying colours.

The Hindu ‘Inter –Collegiate EPlus Club Challenge 2012', which was organised on Saturday at TKR Engineering College, Meerpet, saw 1,200 students from 40 colleges participating in the event with great enthusiasm.

Huge response

The event comprised paper presentation, elocution, group discussion and innovative online quiz apart from cultural events where students exhibited their talents in various skills including dancing, singing and acting. The response was huge and beyond expectations and students turned up at the venue to register their names even during the last minute before commencing the event.

“It was huge and we did not expect such a big turnout. There was stiff competition in all aspects and ‘The Hindu' organised an event that was not confined to mere academics but there was lot of fun as well. It was good to participate in the event,” said Ritesh, a student from Malla Reddy Engineering College. Mysammaguda.

It was a test of nerves for students as they were examined in their soft skills, ability to speak with confidence and all this within stipulated time. If the students were made to express their views on a particular topic in two minutes in the elocution contest, they had to outscore their competitors in just five minutes during the group discussion.

The event was conducted in association with TKR Group of Institutions, Ikon Hospitals and Conduira Education and Training Services Pvt Ltd.

“It was not the run-of-the-mill kind. Organisers came up with interesting topics for group discussion, paper presentation and more importantly the online quiz was amazing. It was very challenging but there was excitement too,” said Aarti, a student from Joganpally B.R. Engineering College, Moinabad. “Participating in this event has definitely boosted my confidence levels. I had stage fear. Though I did not fare well, it did help in overcoming my inability to speak in front of a big gathering,” said Mamatha another student.

Apart from individual talent, students were tested for their ability to perform as a team.

Every time a particular team fared well, there were cheers from their supporters, and positive spirit was pervading as they cheered for winners of other colleges too.

“We usually do not learn such things in colleges. This event helped me to analyse my merits and demerits. Imagine students from 40 colleges participating in one event. It is the mother of all inter-collegiate competitions held in the city till date,” said Pavani from Nalla Malla Reddy Engineering College, Ghatkesar. Just when the students looked for that extra bit of energy and relaxation, their counterparts provided that by performing skits, dramas, dance shows etc as part of the cultural contests.

Despite no scores being awarded to such performances, students came up with interesting shows.

The skit on honesty by AVN Institute of Engineering and Technology, Ibrahimpatnam, and the dance show by TKR Pharmacy College students enthralled the audience.