Imparting education is increasingly being perceived as a source of quick returns, according to Mahatma Gandhi University (MGU) vice-chancellor Prof. Rajan Gurukkal.

He was delivering the keynote address at a seminar on ‘Academic excellence in Self Financing Colleges – Teachers and Staff’, organized by the Self Financing College Teachers and Staff Association (SFCTSA).

Prof. Gurukkal pointed out that the alarming trend has led to numerous far-reaching consequences. “Corporatisation of education occurred as a result of the shortage of public funds in order to support the complete functioning of mainstream higher education. However, the absence of an efficient system to regulate this process led to the establishment of many self-financing colleges, with some functioning in makeshift setups. Many of these institutions were intended to generate profits within a short span of duration. Consequently, below-par standards have been maintained by such colleges. Moreover, students are being educated without instilling in them the ambition to succeed,” he said.

“Education should be considered as a long-term investment that would churn out bright prospects of future for students. Monopoly by the influential should not hinder the progress of higher education in the state,” opined Prof. Gurukkal.

He also stressed upon the measures that are being considered by the University Syndicate for self-financing institutions in order to prevent the degradation in quality of education. “Institutions with

the potential to excel will be identified. Courses that bring about low productivity should be discontinued, whereas the popular ones will be promoted by improving quality. These institutions must strive to impart a sense of academic competency among students so as to nurture them for the challenges posed by the modern era. Lecturers should be offered deserving salaries in order to attract the best in the respective fields,” remarked Prof. Gurukkal.

Former MGU Syndicate member Prof. K. Sadasivan Nair, SFCTSA General Secretary A. Abdul Vahab, state committee member Abhilash Babu S. and district president Reji Zakaria spoke on the occasion.


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