Architecture, especially of the ‘green’ variety, has many takers now and career prospects are good

Colleges in Bangalore have a vast number of courses for students. But students always find an ease in opting for engineering, medicine, and commerce. Now, a substantially large number of students are opting for a course that they want a career in, instead of the “safer” courses. Even among those who write the entrance exams for professional courses, one can spot those looking for that extra bit of application of creativity.

Architecture, which involves the art of design and a creative mindset, has set dreams for students who are pursuing the course in some of the best colleges in Karnataka. Opting for a career in architecture is a wise decision since there is a great demand for sustainable and stylish structures, including high-rises; thus the job of an architect has rapidly increased not only abroad but in India as well.

Drishya Pillai, Dayananda Sagar Institutions, Bangalore

“Being a five-year course, it is very interesting as you get into detailed forms of architecture. This year, the college has made it a four-year continuous course in which in the last year you are sent for training to an architecture company, giving you an opportunity to spread your wings. My passion for architecture began at an early age of 15 when I began to sketch buildings and design. Studying architecture abroad depends on one’s perspective and interest, but the colleges in India are well fetched if you want to pursue traditional architecture.”

Aparna C.R., BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore

“Architecture is a better choice when compared to engineering. It is creative. The reason why I opted for architecture in spite of having various other courses is because I have always dreamt of designing buildings and landscapes, something that is breathtaking. Contemporary architecture is booming in India and studying abroad makes no point as there are multiple colleges in India where one can pursue architecture.”

Kalyani Agnihotri, MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore

“The hype in architecture courses today is that of ‘green architecture’, which is a different approach a lot of students are opting for. Green architecture is new and minimises effects on human health and, most of all, the environment. Doing an architecture course involves a lot of thinking and imagination which is a better option compared to engineering and science. Although London has better scope, India too has good colleges for architecture, like the CEPT (Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology) College.”

Sushree Sangeetha Das, Siddaganga Institute of Technology, Tumkur

“India is still developing in the field of architecture. There is not much scope for doing master’s in architecture here. There is greater scope abroad especially when it comes to specialising in landscape and architecture designing since technology is far better abroad. Being a creative course, you have to constantly be on the move to come up with new ideas supported by models which is good for students who are interested in the combination of arts and science.”

Ankita Pratap, RV College of Engineering (RVCE), Bangalore

“Architecture abroad has a better scope when compared to Indian institutions. The faculty is much more experienced and technology is much more improved there. Students who want to take up architecture should first do their undergraduation here in some of the best colleges like CEPT and pursue their master’s in Columbia University, New York, which offers a better perspective to richer designs in architecture.”

Siddarth Jayprakash, Malnad Institute of Technology, Hassan

“CEPT, Ahmedabad, is one of the best colleges for architecture. Our country provides vast courses for students who want to specialise in urban design, landscape architecture, settlement and conservation. It has always been my passion to excel in vernacular architecture and Indian architecture colleges will provide its students the best education.”


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