Van Hall Larenstein University offers some niche courses in agriculture, water technology, environment and rural development.

Anyone who has travelled to Holland would have experienced the country’s multicultural aspect in every walk of life. Students who go to any of the universities in Holland for higher education especially find this a big advantage. “Our Trade-based economy connects people from different cultures from across the globe and this is reflected in the campuses as well,” says M.H.J. Menno Kramer, International Relations Officer, Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences, Holland.

Being the world leaders in the field of water technology, the country seems to be the first choice for Indian students who wish to specialise in that subject. Agriculture, horticulture, rural and environment management, development management, coastal zone management, rural innovations are the courses that are much sought after by international students. Van Hall Larenstein is well-known for agriculture, animal husbandry and environment management departments and admits international students at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

“Agribusiness and business administration is best suited for Indian students as it focuses not just on agriculture, but also on environment issues and business aspects of agriculture,” Mr. Kramer says. These courses are structured/designed in such a way that students gain a lot of knowledge in that field and immense practical experience as well. For those students who wish to pursue education in Europe, Holland could be the right destination as all the academic programmes are offered in English only. “Holland is looking for quality students to contribute to country’s research.”

The knowledge that the Indian students gain in agriculture and environment management is essential for India. Holland provides fee waivers for the first 100 students who get admission in the universities. More details on courses at: