King’s College, London, offers summer programmes in Mumbai and Delhi. A taste of international education on the home ground.

With the summer holidays fast approaching, got any plans on how to while it away productively? Enrolling in summer courses at foreign universities is an exciting option, but factors such as money and logistics may be a spoke in the wheel. That’s why the International Summer schools programme offered by King's College, London, in India seems like a good alternative.

In its second year, the programme was launched recently at Jai Hind College, Mumbai, and will debut in Delhi in June, hosted by Miranda House College, University of Delhi.

The aim of the programme is to offer students a taste of international education in a domestic setting with faculty from King’s handling the course directly. The courses offered by King’s India Summer Schools will include pre-university as well as undergraduate level modules.

At Mumbai, the course is already underway and has attracted a registration of 440-odd students for its modules which include E-Business, International Political Economy, Quantitative Methods and Statistics, Shakespeare: Local and Global, International Relations, Marketing management, The Art of Leadership and Gender and Media and Culture.

Learning platform

Sagar Shah, who enrolled in the programme last year, says that the courses made for a great learning platform: “The lectures were based around providing us with tools and skills that could be exercised in actual business scenarios. The research-centric approach ensures that students get the best out of the course and are also able to creatively find solutions to challenging situations in the real business world.” Sagar won a scholarship after attending last year’s International Marketing course. The programme makes available scholarships on each course for the best students to study at King’s College London Summer School in July and August.

The first session of the Delhi leg of the programme will kick-start in June, so if you are looking for an international exposure without having to crossing the border, King’s summer school programme is an option. Tuition fee: Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 40,000 per course.

Eligibility: All undergraduate students are expected to have completed at least a year’s university-level study. Successful applicants need to have a high cumulative university grade (equivalent to 60 per cent in their most recent final examination) and meet the minimum English language requirements as set by King’s.

What exactly does the programme entail?

Faculty from King’s itself will be coming to teach. Aside from students, working professionals have also signed up, with a view to enhancing their knowledge or learning something different.