Microsoft CEO

Uma Sudhir @umasudhir Satya Nadella is an Indian; we are thrilled he made it to the top bcos it gives us confidence & is an endorsement of Indian education system

Javeeth Ahamed @javeeth Pretty sure next door mama is shocked that Satya Nadella didn't go to IIT+IIM and is trying to hide the fact from his son.

Saptarshi Kashyap @Saptarshi_Kax @satyanadella My only desire and ambition is to get to Microsoft and be named after a great Indian like you. You're an inspiration to us.

Gowtham @1andonlygowtham Those who asked the caste of Satya Nadella, please hang yourself in shame. Behave educated, celebrate his Indian identity.

Compiled by Archana Subramanian @archvivekh

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