Past board members, faculty and staff felicitated

The Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, on Saturday completed 50 years of its existence. The IIM-A began the golden jubilee celebrations with a new record in which more than 11,000 dominoes were toppled in a series unveiling the logo for the occasion.

A spokesman of the IIM-A said 40 students in different groups laboured for the last 10 days or so to create the idea and placements of dominoes in a series in such a way that by one finger touch by the IIMA director, Samir Barua, all the dominoes fell on each other on the table in a flat three minutes to unveil the logo, “IIM-A 50 Years.”

“It was an innovative idea and proves that our boys are capable of developing new innovations in various fields,” the spokesman said.

According the spokesman, toppling of over 11,000 dominoes was a new record and efforts were being made to register the event in the Limca Book of Records. In the evening, the IIMA felicitated the past board members, and faculty and staff having long association with the institution in the presence of Mrinalini Sarabhai, wife of the famous space scientist, Dr. Vikram Sarabhai, one of the founders of the IIM-A.

In her address, Ms Sarabhai exhorted the students to try to fulfil her late husband's dream that the students should not acquire only academic qualifications but also learn how to reach out to the poor and deprived and become useful for the society.