How foreign students are benefiting from Indian education

It is common knowledge that many Indian students turn towards foreign shores the moment they graduate, as a postgraduate degree abroad is valued higher. Of late, even students passing out of school have been opting to study abroad.

However, a good number of foreign nationals are making a beeline to study in India. The reasons given by them for doing so range from the English medium of instruction to international standards of education. Here are excerpts:

Suprita Balu M.A. first year, Christ University (Oman)

I was born and brought up in Muscat. I did my studies in a government college in Oman, which is an English medium college but lessons are taught strictly in Arabic. Since I am interested to learn English I came to India. One of my teachers in Oman said if I wanted to have command over English and wider knowledge about the world, it would be better if I went to India for higher studies.

Shivaji Khadka, BBM second year, Brindavan College, Bangalore (Nepal)

After the completion of intermediate studies in Nepal, I heard from some of my teachers and friends that India is the best country for further studies. Compared to many other countries, in India the cost for education is affordable. In addition, Bangalore has a good climate which is conducive for international students.

Wisam Abdullah, BBM, Indian Academy College (Iraq)

Even though I am in India, I feel I am in my homeland. Indian culture, tradition and people are in many ways similar to my native place.

It is easy for me to communicate in Hindi which is understood by many people in any part of the country. Here, the medium of instruction is English which helps us have a bright future in any part of the world. Whereas, in Iraq the entire education is in Arabic, which becomes a hindrance to learn English.

Randeepa De Silva (Molecular Biology) (BUB) (Sri Lanka)

In Sri Lanka there only a few established universities. Hence, we have fewer opportunities for a variety of courses. But India offers innumerable courses pertaining to any field in the world. There is also a provision for scholarship under the ICCR offered by the Government of India for foreign students. Above all, India is one of the safest places for international students to study.

Christeaae, B.A. second year, Christ University (Congo)

I have come from Congo. In my country, there are few education institutes with good infrastructure whereas in India there are several universities with excellent infrastructure for education of international standards. The facilities which are available in my college here are beyond my imagination, I would have never got them in my country. There are dedicated teachers here who are willing to clarify students’ doubts during the class and outside the class hours.