The University of Kentucky awarded three undergraduate Indian students highly competitive scholarships — one of which fully covers the tuition fee.

Freshman Ron Mathias received a scholarship covering 50 percent of her tuition and Abhishek Agrawal received a $5,000 scholarship. Harkabir Saluja was the recipient of the International Leadership Scholarship, which covers the full cost of his tuition during his undergraduate studies.

Mathias, a native of city of Mangalore, is currently pursuing a degree in Chemical Engineering and was the recipient of the International Distinction Scholarship.

“So far my time at the University of Kentucky has been great. The people here are accepting and open to new cultures and people from foreign countries. I have met a lot of international students at the orientation who share similar experiences; I connect with them well,” said Mathias.

Bangalore-born Agrawal is also a freshman and the winner of one of the International Student Scholarships. He is studying Finance. Winner of the International Leadership Scholarship covering full tuition costs, Saluja is a Freshman from New Delhi majoring in Philosophy.

In addition to the traditional financial support for graduate students and academic scholarships for undergraduate students, this year a new International Undergraduate Scholarship program was launched.

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