Hindustan University plans to offer a series of photography courses.

What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce — Karl Lagerfeld

This is probably why photography is one of the most sought after professions today. What was once a hobby has now turned into a niche business where stakes are high.

With the aim of encouraging budding photographers, Hindustan University, Chennai, has proposed to begin a series of courses by the end of September.

After the successful launch of the Fashion Design and Arts course in 2011, HU has chosen photography as their next venture considering there is good scope for professionally-trained photographers in various fields.

Karthik Srinivasan, a leading photographer, evinced interest in tying up with HU to start the course. His expertise and contacts have been leveraged to offer various courses to address the varying needs of the market. The course will offer tips, expert guidance and insights on photography.

“There are many areas one can specialise in: advertising, wildlife, candid, product, industrial, wedding, event, automobile and architecture,” says Karthik Srinivasan, also the course director. The curriculum is practical-oriented, and a four-week internship is offered at the end of the course.

With a nominal fee structure and an affiliation with the university, the faculty will offer you the best.

In addition to this, stalwarts from the industry such as fashion designer Rehane, celebrity make-up artists Racheal and Babu, and national creative director, JWT India, Senthil Kumar will share their experiences and knowledge.

What you will learn

You get introduced to the basics of cameras and lenses such as the relation between exposure variables of ISO, shutter speed and depth of field, perspective and focal length. Practical creative shooting is taught at the basic level; this includes a student shoot under the supervision of an instructor. In the introductory module to studio environment, students learn how to use studio lights and light modifiers; controlling light by cutting, shading and diffusing it; and gaining creative control in a studio environment.

Photoshop operation for basic photo editing includes foundation on Adobe Photoshop and an in depth look at the tools and menu system of the software, culminating in exercises, where students are taught how to make basic adjustments such as cropping, colour correction and optimising images for the final output.

The module on lighting techniques will teach you all that you need to know about lighting different subjects for common applications of commercial photography. It introduces students to Broncolor lights and accessories.

The university encourages and facilitates an internship module to give the students a sense of the professional world of commercial photography — internships are provided with reputed photographers, newspapers and advertising agencies. Students will also get a chance to assist Karthik Srinivasan in his advertising and celebrity shoots.

Students choose their specialisation after acquiring a taste of varying photography environments, and a professional portfolio is created under the expert guidance of faculty.

This portfolio also serves as a deciding factor on the final passing merit.