Last week, it was announced that Satya Nadella would lead Microsoft as CEO. He had been in contention for the post for sometime now, yet it comes a big boost to the morale of Indians in the IT sector. How do students react to this? Here are some voices.

Vivek Kannan

Final Year, B.E. (Hons),

BITS Pilani,


The post had been in contention for some time and both contenders were Indian. I am not surprised that he was the frontrunner. Though everyone highlights that he is Indian and from Hyderabad and so on, I think it is really his determination that paid off. We can take this to motivate us. If the government encourages setting up of start-ups here, there can be a Microsoft in India itself.

M. Kundhavi,

First year, MBA,

MOP Vaishnav College,


I heard that Microsoft needs a boost. So I think he will bring in a new perspective and change. Of course I am very proud that he is an Indian.

Nabila Khan,

Frst year, MBA,



Satya Nadella is the man of the moment. The engineer from Manipal has made India proud and inspired thousands of students. I think Microsoft has made an apt choice in appointing Nadella as he is capable of building the right platform for growth in the mobile and cloud segment. To have actually survived internal politics for two decades, and then got the promotion certainly shows that he has a warrior and survival spirit much needed by Microsoft.



Third Year


VIT, Vellore

I think this is the best evidence for India making a mark not only technologically but also in the managerial line. This is representative of the current mindset of youth who want to be leaders and entrepreneurs. This pushes young people to dream bigger and if there were to be a lady at the helm it would encourage us even more.

Rajagopal Hariharan

M.S. UPC Barcelona-Tech,


Many Indians are doing very well professionally, overseas, so this is not new. For example, Sundar Pichai in Google is heading Android development. However, given the grandeur of Microsoft, this comes as a very welcome decision. This would therefore put India on the map. Many people will be inspired to up the ante. The future looks bright and there will be a positive effect on people working in technology in India.