From Irani cafes to open spaces, from dosas to coffee, the Mumbai student knows where to unwind.

It has been more than four months since Richa graduated from Sophia Polytechnic but this time when she went back to college, the first thing on her mind was to eat anda-pav.

Richa is not the only one from her college who loves to eat at Anna’s as many call it. Many others like her, especially hostellers, love to eat here for it never pinches their pockets, even during college festivals or at the end of the month.

Message on the wall

Anna’s is one of the famous one-stop spots for all students. Covered with an old overhead shade, the place never fails to please students. The makeshift walls are filled with messages written by regulars, one of the many aspects which underline its spirit. One can usually spot students venting out the day’s distress, jamming, listening to music or even sorting out college-fest deals. Some of the meals served here are maggi noodles, misal-pav, burji pav or even egg-curry with pav. So lunch for one would never go above Rs. 35.

An equally popular hangout among college students is ‘Under the Banyan Tree’ and ‘Light of Persia’ popularly known as LOP, where students come and eat between classes with long breaks. Sometimes the order may take a little longer, but they do not seem to mind as intense discussions on the current political scene take place over the table.

The one place students of Xavier Institute of Communication (XIC) love to hangout at is Anna’s located in Crawford market. The street shop which has been there for nearly 40 years offers masala dosa for five bucks.

The shop does not have a name. An old Tamilian man, addressed as Anna, sits on one corner of the street, selling hot dosas. The USP of the shop is the egg cheese dosa.

Irani cafes are famous even among students of XIC. Located opposite Metro Cinemas, a few metres away from the college premises, students love to have kheema pav with a beverage. Bonding over food with some elderly people and regulars is an added benefit.

For students of IIT Bombay, the campus spread over 550 acres never disappoints those who love to hang out in the open air cafe — The Coffee Shack.

Late-goers who miss out on mess breakfast get to grab a cup of coffee with a quick snack here. In a sprawling campus, IIT Bombay students do not really need to go out as there are many places in the institute, yet there are nocturnals in need of a break.

Maddu Mess is among the many popular addas for students who either study till late in the night or go to the movies.

The place opens at five in the morning, serving light snacks, tea and coffee to the tired lot.