Here is a platform to promote internship opportunities and interaction with companies, created by students of Loyola College and IESEG School of Management.

Every student, no matter which field they pursue, embarks on an expedition to find an organisation they can intern with. A few students of Loyola College’s Centre for International Programmes — BBA France course with IESEG School of Management have taken the initiative to address this scenario.

InterNetwork is a platform that aims to promote internships, draw attention to their importance, act as a liaison between companies and students to provide opportunities and add clarity to the career path of students. This was started by eleven students as a part of their project ‘Entrepreneurial Thinking’.

The team organises seminars for students to meet and interact with people from the corporate ecosphere. The first was at National Public School and the second at Loyola College, Chennai. The seminar at Loyola College sponsored by Sutherland Global Services, was graced by three eminent panellists from different walks of life.

The first speaker was Chandrasekar Balagopal, senior advisor, Business and marketing development of Terumo Penpol, manufacturer of blood transfusion products. His advice to aspiring entrepreneurs was to select the domain carefully and challenge assumptions.

The second speaker was Vijay Radhakrishnan, co-founder, Magzter Inc., a global mobile magazine store. He says the key to setting up a successful business is the idea and one should never give up on it, unless the business life cycle is on the decline.

The third speaker was Jigar Doshi, co-founder, CheeniLabs, now, a platform where one can compare mobile, data card and tablet plans. He said, “when you start a business, you need to constantly innovate to keep your customers and get new ones.”

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