The KSWU objective is to encourage women, mainly of rural areas of north Karnataka, to develop a passion for art and music

With the establishment of the Centre for Performing Arts, the Karnataka State Women’s University, Bijapur, now offers M.A. in performing arts.

“We wish to bring as many new courses as possible for the girl students to explore new avenues and establish themselves in the male-dominated society. The objective behind starting the course in performing arts is to promote and encourage women, mainly of rural areas of north Karnataka region, to develop a passion for art and music,” said Meena Chandavarkar, Vice-Chancellor of the university.

The course offers specialisation in music, dance, drama and fine arts. Though the University has already commenced classes, Prof. Chandavarkar regretted that lack of awareness has acted as a hindrance in attracting students.

“Our primary focus is to see that the full-time course gets recognition among the students. Since not many have joined it, we have decided to offer a certificate course.” The University has already appointed two music teachers who are teaching some of the students. A nominal fee has been fixed for the course.

Good salaries

Illustrating the career opportunities in the field of art and music, Prof. Chandavarkar said “Gone are the days when music and art were mere arts of expression. Today, high salaries are paid in the field of teaching as well as freelancing. While art and music teachers are needed in schools and colleges, music and cultural academies offer jobs to artists and musicians. In the film industry that provides employment to countless people, jobs for musicians are always available. Women artists could have their own identity in this field.”

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