Considering that Endhiran created a flurry of interest in robots in recent times, the achievement of a group of youngsters from the city recreated the robot-effect at an international competition. Students of Anna University, Bharath University and Saveetha University triumphed in the International Robotic Competition organised by the Amirkabir University of Technology (AUT) and The Iranian Research Organisation for Science and Technology held in Tehran, Iran, earlier this month.

The two teams guided by Roboin, trainers in robotics, bagged the silver and bronze medals in two categories of the cup. The students demonstrated the Spider Robot they had assembled and programmed. “The robot has been designed to move around and away from any obstacle on its path and lift light objects,” said Jaishankar Bharatharaj, founder, Roboin. The design of the 18-member team from the three universities in the city, fetched them the silver medal in the ‘@home category', that focused on robots for household assistance.

Another team demonstrated the model they had set up, which fetched them the bronze medal in the ‘Underwater category'. Explaining the features of the robot that swam across the pool and spun, Aparna Mariam Thomas, a fourth year B.Tech student of Bharath University said, “This robot can withstand pressure under water for a depth of 100m. It can also move vertically up and down, which few robots can.”

Speaking about research in robotics K.P. Thooyamani, vice-chancellor, Bharath University said, “We are also planning to launch a robotics laboratory, in association with Roboin, to cultivate interest among students in this field.”