Scholastic’s new series is aimed at inculcating the love of learning in children at an early age

Scholastic, in a bid to make school curricula more interesting, is releasing the Scholastic Education imprint for classes I to V.

The ‘Elementary English’ series is a set of books aimed at first generation English learners. The principles followed are designed to encourage participatory learning, and each level contains a course book, a workbook, an audio CD and a teacher’s manual.

‘The World Around Us’ is a series of environmental education course books designed to build an integrated perspective of the planet, which draws upon insights from the natural, social and environmental sciences.The release of these books will be at 9.30 a.m. on October 26, at Hotel Taj Park, Alwarpet. This will be followed by an interactive workshop on classroom practices — ‘Active Learning’ — attended by the principals and teachers from more than 60 schools in Chennai.