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I am a software professional working in an MNC. I am also pursuing my PhD part-time in the area of Mobile AdHoc Networks. I wish to do an MBA abroad. Will my technical background be a hindrance for my MBA?

Chandra Mouly

I do not see any problems in completing your PhD and then pursuing an MBA abroad. MBA programmes such as in S.P Jain or INSEAD, to name a few, would welcome outstanding candidates with a technical profile.

What are the real reasons that someone gets promoted and others of the same capability don’t?

Lakshmi P

It is probably because they do not have the same capabilities. In a meritocratic world, promotion should be granted on merit and only to the best.

Now, estimating who is the best candidate for a promotion is not necessarily related to being the most skilled employee. There are other dimensions to consider such as management ability, leadership and decision-making, to name some.

I am 31 years old with an MBA in HR and an overall experience of 5 years as an admin manager and a business developer. I took a break of five years to raise my child, during which I was freelancing as a soft skills trainer. I now wish to start my career again. I want to be a business analyst but don’t have prior experience. Do I undergo some courses with placement assistance? Do MNC’s accept freshers who are 30+?

Deepti Das

You are young and what you did is great which makes you even more likeable. Just state what you want to do and go and find the job that you want to do. For this, believe in your capabilities and convey your strength to your future employer, the same strength you required to take care of your child. A good employer (MNC or others) will probably recruit you for the talents you have and your fast ability to learn and to bring long-term value to the company. In case you face challenges, you can revisit your position and goals.

What is your view on unpaid internship?

Anurag M

I think this is a personal choice between the intern and the company and I would rather do an amazing internship in an amazing company and for free rather than being paid for a mediocre job in a mediocre company. I understand that some interns might have economical difficulties and would prefer to be paid for their work. But what matters is the unique experience you get in doing a great job and the possible outcomes of a great internship.

How do I decide when it’s the right time to leave my current job and move on?

Surya K

First, you need to explain to yourself why you want to move on. Ask yourself these questions: are you bored with your current job? Are you looking for a change of career? Are you poorly paid? It’s a different situation if what motivates you to move on is inherently linked to you and your profession; or considering the current work environment.

Once you know the answers to these questions, you can assess and find out when is the right time for you to leave your current role and move on.

Dr. Roberto Mariani is a serial technology entrepreneur and a former computer scientist.