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Should I take up an internship with a start-up or should I pursue it with big brands only?

Jivesh Singh Gahlawat, Student

Start-ups are said to be the best learning grounds. Since a start-up is in the early phase of its lifecycle and explores new avenues regularly, interns have many opportunities to learn. Every day is a challenge for a start-up; the way they survive and grow day-by-day is a great learning in itself. You get to learn to think innovatively, handle crisis situations and imbibe leadership skills. Pursuing an internship with established organisations adds value to your resume and gives you wider scope for understanding key business functionalities such as process, operations, etc. You should choose an internship which fits your personality, ambition and goals, and resist taking up internships based only on stipend or workplace benefits.

Do I need to pursue an internship on the lines of my study?

Neha Goje, Student

An internship is your practical classroom. You get a chance to put into practice what you have learnt within the four walls of a classroom. It can strengthen your understanding and help you support your study. It is suggested that you pursue an internship along the lines of your study initially, as it would help you build a career on those lines. On the other hand, an internship in a different field will also be useful if you are passionate about it. It definitely helps you broaden your horizon.

 How helpful can an internship be for my career?

Ravi Kiran G, Student

An internship is not only a nice addition to your resume, it is also a ticket to a successful career. An internship helps you get insights into what is in store for your career. The contacts made during an internship can prove to be helpful in future. It is the greatest learning phase in one’s life, for the experience stays life-long.

I am currently pursuing my bachelor’s and wish to make a career plan that will help me move ahead. What is the best way to go about it?

Chandrakanth. D

It is good to know that you have started planning ahead. There are multiple avenues open in front of you. First of all, answer the question: “where you want to see yourself in the future?” Have a clear picture in your mind about your goals and aspirations. Then make a plan, which will take you towards your destination. While planning, remember to include important factors like passion, feasibility, opportunity, etc. No matter what you decide to settle on, remember to give your 100 per cent. Good luck!

I am pursuing MBA and have to pay my education loan. Since time is a constraint, what is the best way in which I can avail myself of financial aid?

Anusha. M

Keeping in mind your busy study schedule, freelancing would be a good idea to explore. As you get to make some money and add on to your experience, along with your study, you could freelance based on your passion. However, you should be confident about balancing work with study. As MBA is your main focus, don’t let work adversely affect your academics. If you can balance both, then go ahead!

The writer started his first company at the age of 24 in 1995 and is an angel investor in start-ups around the world.