I completed my BE in 2000 and did my M.Tech in Computer Engineering from SJCE, Mysore (2004-2006) affiliated to VTU Belgaum, Karnatka. My work experience is related to research in the fundamentals of Computer Science. I have been working on Computer Architecture, Real Time Embedded Systems, Network Protocols, Router Design and System Software Design. Now I want to pursue my PhD and I am looking for opportunities globally. I am looking for countries or universities where I can get full funding for my research activity.

Raghu M. G

PhD is the highest degree offered anywhere in the world. It mainly focuses on creating new knowledge but not on learning existing knowledge.

The key aspects of pursuing a PhD are formulating a question or problem which can be solved and providing a useful or interesting solution to the stated problem. The results obtained are presented in national or international conferences or submitted to scientific journals.

Anywhere in the world, PhD program proceed in a specific pattern. It includes doing course work, qualifying for exams, and then writing a thesis that has to be defended. Generally, candidates who join the PhD program after completing B.Tech or BE will spend one to two years to formulate the problem and about two years to develop the solutions and write the thesis. After the thesis is written and submitted, a panel of experts examine it and then award the PhD degree. This process might take six months to one year. However, the candidate can start his post PhD job after submitting the thesis. Hence, pursuing a PhD may take as much time as studying for BE.

The most common forms of funding are assistantship tuition waivers, scholarships, and other types of assistantships.

1. Tuition Waiver: In this scheme, the candidate does not have to pay the tuition fees at the university. However, general fees (for the use of library, computers, and sports and health services) usually have to be paid by the candidate.

2. Scholarships: These are awards given to students based on academic excellence and/or talent. Also, students may receive scholarships based on other factors such as ethnic background, field of study, or financial need.

3. Assistantships: Candidates who receive assistance usually do so in the form of assistantships, i.e. cash stipends sufficient for their living expenses, and/or tuition waiver. To get this, candidates need to work for a maximum of 20 hours per week.

Some of the universities offering PhD Program in Computer Science along with funding are listed below:

Cornell University, located in the heart of the Finger Lakes region offers Computer Science PhD Program. Admission into the doctoral program in Computer Science is based mainly on academic merit.

All PhD candidates in Computer Science are fully supported as long as they maintain good academic standing. Cornell University supports PhD candidates through tuition and stipend available in the form of teaching assistantships, research assistantships, and fellowships.

Candidates are also encouraged to apply for external fellowships, such as NSF, Microsoft, IBM, Hertz, Intel, Yahoo, or DOD Fellowships. These fellowships are highly prestigious, and free the student of the responsibilities of an assistantship. Whenever possible, the department helps students in the fellowship application process. For further details, please visit:


Stanford University, Silicon Valley, offers Computer Science PhD program. Here, candidates are supported by a research or teaching assistantship in Computer Science or School of Engineering (SOE), or by a fellowship, or by approved assistantship through a collaborating research organisation. For further details, please visit: https://cs.stanford.edu/

Berkeley University of California offers Computer Science PhD program along with on-campus funding for the candidates who take admission in the university. For further details, please visit: http://www.berkeley.edu/research/

The University of Birmingham, UK, offers supervision for PhD in Computer Science in many research areas of Computer Science. Candidates from any country are considered for the PhD scholarships. These scholarships are by nomination only, so that there is no separate application for these scholarships. For further details, please visit: http://www.cs.bham.ac.uk/

T. Muralidharan

TMI e2E Academy

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