I have completed LL.B. (three years) and I have been practising for the past five years. However, I have not been able to stabilise though I am working well and able to garner money for sustenance and savings. Do I need to pursue anything else further to make a career out of the same or have a change in my outlook for the practice?

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Legal practice takes a while to establish. However, that does not mean the individual does not have opportunities. Pursuing higher studies viz., LL.M. or any other course of choice, in the field either part-time or full time, would help, but then you need to consider that a LL.M. qualification will increase your knowledge in an area of specialisation, which will help you in the long run or more importantly take you to the academic line. One can pursue it in the current scenario on a campus mode basis (regular, one year). If you are keen to pursue LL.M. in the Distance Learning schemata, then the duration will be two years, wherein you can specialise in the areas of Business Law, Constitutional Law, and Criminal Law, to mention a few.

Start practice on completion of LL.B. with a senior who is well established or a firm which is focusing on areas of Law that have wide ramifications in the legal fraternity and society; it will help you to grow and get identified. Another aspect worth identifying would be an area of specialisation. Under the normal circumstances LL.B. graduates start working in cases in the area of Criminal and Civil, to begin with. One should also identify areas like taxation, arbitration, corporate law, patents, immigration, and environmental law that will take you to a newer dimension in the field of law.

My intention is to pursue a course in Science after PUC. I am currently in the first year of PUC. However, I am a little confused about the subjects. Please advise me.

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Planning helps in mitigating many a confusion that come our way in the field of education. For students who have completed or will be completing PUC in the area of Science the way forward under normal circumstances is to pursue Engineering or Medicine. In your case, if you have decided to pursue Science at the graduation level, you will have opportunities in the Pure Sciences, i.e., Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology or Applied Sciences viz., Microbiology, Biochemistry, Biotech, and Environmental Science. Based on your assessment of the current situation and future scenario that you have in mind you should decide what you would like to pursue. If you select Pure Sciences or Applied Sciences at the graduation level, you will have to do postgraduation and even research to make a career.

You still have time to decide on the future course of action. It is advisable to do a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) and assess; this will help you to plan better, take a stance and pursue the course or programme of interest.

I completed BBM about eight years ago and immediately joined a company to market and sell products. I have grown over the period of time and even been promoted to head the marketing and sales team for the operations in South. I currently have a team of 14 and find that some of the members have a MBA or MMM qualification. Should I also pursue MBA or any other programme? My company is willing to sponsor me for higher studies and still continue with my job.

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It is good to know that you have stuck on to the first company and successfully made a career in the past eight years. By now you would have understood the various aspects of business and the functions which are important in the corporate world. Pursuing MBA or Master in Marketing Management (MMM) or any other programme will help you to garner more knowledge, understand the new concepts, frameworks, scenarios, and in general techniques of business.

You will be able to put theory to a better understanding in the practical world of business. Pursuing MBA or a highly specialised course from any leading institute or University such as the IIM will help you. There are campus executive programmes that last one year; and two years if pursued on an interactive learning mode which will help you to augment your knowledge. The peer interaction will also help.

However, if you interested in pursuing the MBA programme there are many Universities that are offering the same in the distance learning mode or part-time evening programmes. Based on the time frame and organisational obligations you should decide what to pursue.

I would like to attend a two to four-day workshop on Supply Chain and Purchase Management in Bangalore. If there are any programmes please inform me. I am a SCM specialist in the domain of consulting.

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The Indian Institute of Materials Management (IIMM) (www.iimmbangalore.org) conducts a two-day programme in various areas of Supply Chain Management (SCM) and related fields all through the year. One such programme in the offing is the Best Practices in SCM that is to be held on October 24 and 25. Specialists and practitioners from the field of SCM and related aspects will be involved in the lectures and discussion sessions.

For more details on registration and also to know about other programmes, contact D. Subramani, Chairman, IIMM, Bangalore branch, 304, A-Wing, 3rd Floor, Mittal Tower, 6, M.G. Road, Bangalore-560001. Ph: 25327251. Email: iimmbg@airtelmail.in

I am presently a Delivery Head in a manufacturing firm which has a focus on R and D. I have been employed for the past 18 years. How does pursuing Ph.D in Engineering help further one’s career? I have had an idea of pursuing and engaging in research for the past two years.

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Considering that you are in the manufacturing sector and that too in Research and Development (R and D), it will surely help you further your career and contribute in a successful way. This apart, pursuing a study that involves a day-to-day aspect will bring in the necessary advantage to your repertoire as well. This apart, if you have had corporate experience, and you are armed with a Ph.D., you will surely be sought after for teaching assignments in various institutes and universities.

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