I completed B.E. three years ago but was not able to get placed through the campus hiring mode as only four companies came for hiring. Only about 10 per cent of my classmates got jobs. I then worked in small company for a meagre salary. I am not sure how my career will progress. Please suggest how I should prepare for the future. My primary question is whether I should continue studies or search for jobs.

Arvind Kumar via email

Companies recruit/hire based on need. At times companies also plan and strategise to ensure a strong and healthy bench strength. They have classified educational institutions into various categories, based on performance and outlook. Hence, most of the companies go to the preferred academic institutions and hire students. In the case of the educational institution where you have studied, it appears either the institute is new or has not made a focused pitch to be observed by the corporate world. Hence the situation of only a few corporates coming for hiring.

You have mentioned that you have worked with a small company for about three years now. It is always good to start small and then move up the ladder. Besides, it is not the size of the company that matters, it is what it does that is important. Considering that you have not provided details about the faculty in which you have pursued engineering, we will provide for a generic reply.

Not all organisations want the engineers to be postgraduates (those with a research portfolio do recruit postgraduates and doctorates). In your case, check if your field, i.e., area of functioning has opportunities for postgraduates, and if you get an opportunity pursue postgraduation in the off-campus mode, which will help you retain your job, garner experience and still get a qualification.

Another opportunity that beckons you is based on the experience that you have already attained. Based on the sector that you belong to, you should look at larger organisations, and make a conscious effort to connect to the lateral hiring network of the organisation and move forward. If the college alumni network is active, you should consider connecting and creating opportunities, as this has been the best way of moving into a new profile without much effort.

Offbeat course

I have been into NGO operations, and in a career spanning nine years have worked in two NGOs. I have worked with the rural population all through. Over a period of time, I have begun to appreciate tribes and ethnology. I have made up my mind to attend a one- or two-year regular programme that will provide inputs. Please suggest a university in Karnataka where I could pursue a course that focuses on tribes and ethnology.

Basavaraj via email, Bangalore

The study of tribes and ethnology can be done whilst pursuing an academic study in anthropology. In your case, the best opportunity is to enrol with the Department of Studies in Anthropology (1958), Karnatak University, Dharwad (www.kud.ac.in). The Department is one of the oldest in the State and has contributed well to the study of Anthropology. The Department offers Master and Doctoral (Ph.D.) programmes. The primary mission is to prepare anthropologists capable of bringing an awareness to the society on biological and cultural variations in human beings such that there is mutual tolerance and peaceful coexistence. The Department has built research programmes at the micro and macro levels, which has helped in action research.

Considering that you have good experience in working with people of various hues, it will be a sure value-add, and you should benefit through the programme. For more details of the papers/courses, and the eligibility criteria, connect to the Chairman, Department of Studies in Anthropology, Karnatak University, Dharwad-580003. Ph: 0836-2215232.

The University of Mysore (www.uni-mysore.ac.in) too has the Department of Anthropology and offers M.A. in Social and Cultural Anthropology. For more details about eligibility conditions, you should contact N. Ningaiah, Professor and Chairman, Department of Anthropology, University of Mysore. Ph: 0821-2419706.

Integrated research

I will completing B.Sc (CBZ) in 2015. I want to know if the JNCASR offers an integrated research programme for science students.

Krutika via email, Bangalore

The Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research (JNCASR) (Deemed to be University under the University Grants Commission Act of 1956) (established: 1989) (www.jncasr.ac.in) offers integrated research programmes under the following schemes: Integrated Ph.D., MS and MS (Engineering). Such programmes through inter-disciplinary studies are offered in the areas of: Chemistry and Physics of Materials Unit, Engineering Mechanics Unit, Evolutionary and Organismal biology unit, International Centre for Materials Science, Molecular Biology and Genetics Unit and Theoretical Sciences Unit. You should contact the Academic Section, JNCASR, Jakkur, Bangalore-560064 for more details. Ph: 22082777. Email: admissions@jncasr.ac.in


I am currently working with a company that has sponsored me to attend a three-year twinning programme with a leading University. I have been attending classes regularly as and when the institute has called for, besides sessions in the organisation which are mandatory. At this juncture I have got a job offer but then the organisation will not allow me to complete the course. I have not informed anyone within the organisation, but have spoken to the human resource executive in confidence. I still have no answer from human resources. How should I go ahead with the same?

Nehemiah Christopher via email

Organisations have today tied up with many academic institutions of repute and helped the associates of the organisation to benefit and implement the knowledge learnt. These days, the corporate world has brought on this aspect that has helped to reduce attrition. In your case too, the issues are similar; identified associates are permitted to enrol and attend the programmes, but one has to complete the programme whilst working for the organisation. In fact, the organisation would have also signed up with the associate and the academic institution in regards to the sponsorship. Considering that you would have signed the agreement, it is advisable that you adhere to the signed document. Based on the same, you will surely get opportunities to pursue your career further. Further if you want to pursue other opportunities, you should consult your unit human resources officer.

Email: shaheed_k@yahoo.com