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I am pursuing my bachelor’s degree in commerce. I wish to do either MBA or M.S. in Finance. I recently came to know about a dual degree in MBA and MS. Please advise.


If you are able to find a college/university which offers a dual degree in your areas of interest, you should go for it! Don’t forget that you are taking up double the work load. Prepare yourself mentally and physically, before taking up the course.

I am a civil engineer and I wish to pursue a diploma in Interior Design. How will it help me?


If you are still at the early stages or only a few years into your career, having a second specialisation will definitely help. The world is moving to ‘specialist generalists’ — people who are specialists, but are able to relate and understand the importance of multi-disciplinary approach.

I am negotiating with an angel investor to raise capital for my start-up. Is it essential to sign a non-disclosure agreement so that they don’t copy my idea?

Pooja J

I would advise you to check if the idea is really unique. To do this, you need to check the patents database available for free online. If the person(s) you are seeking capital from is a true angel investor, they will not be interested in copying the idea. Not to discourage you, ideas are only the beginning. The name of the game is execution. Make sure you do your homework on the uniqueness of the idea. Most well known, seasoned angels/VCs will not be open to signing NDAs.

Every ‘.com’ domain name that I try to buy is already registered. Will buying ‘.in’ and ‘net’ have a lower impact?

Ankit Dhinga

Though a ‘dot com’ domain is important, more relevant is your target audience. If your focus and target market is India, a ‘dot in’ domain will help. Businesses and brands are built over a period of time. Name is just the beginning and the work your company does will translate into goodwill and ‘name’ for the company.

I have been trying to find a job for the past eight months. Despite my qualification I can’t find the right opportunity. What is the best way to search for a job?

Rahul C

Do your skills match your area of interest? My recommendation is to find a company which matches your skills. Start as an intern if you have to. When your interest leads to your profession, you will enjoy your work. You will do things because you want to and not because you have to.

How do I build a good strong team for my project, while keeping costs low?

Srikant Jaiswal

Not everything is counted in monetary terms. Find the right people — who have the same goals, aspirations and thought processes, as yours. Ensure that everyone is aligned to the common goal and that the rules of engagement are clear from day one.

Madhu Avalur is an angel investor in start-ups from around the world.

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