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I have just completed my board exams and will join college soon. But I am confused regarding the stream of study. While I have always been good in science, I like literature and the arts. Please suggest what would be the best career option for me?

Priya Srivastav

You need to ask yourself if you like or love literature and the arts. When passion is involved the road to excellence is clear. When one pursues things they love, countless hours spent on learning a chosen subject seem like seconds. Follow your heart, and you will find success.

I am in my final year of B. Tech. I have a job offer in hand and an internship opportunity with a reputed organisation. What will be the best decision for my career?

Pallavi Nair

If the job offer you have is in the area of your interest and strength, go for it! If not, it will be just a chore and you won't be able to enjoy and learn. The question you need to ask is — whether the experience you get in the job or internship, would be aligned to your long term career goal. Career is like a decathlon event — you will need to learn and excel at multiple skills, not just the subject knowledge — but application, communication, interpersonal skills, leadership etc.

It's difficult to start a business, because of the risk of failing. Please tell me a low-investment, high-returns plan? I am a marketing and sales person.

Kaushik Jha

No risk, no reward. Looks like you are actually asking how to leverage on your knowledge with little investment. Time and mind space are the most important investments one makes, yet we do not value them. Find your core strength and play to your strengths. I am sure you will be successful.

I am a pre-final-year undergraduate majoring in Materials Science and Engineering from IIT Kanpur. I am interested in a winter internship in the field of semiconductor materials and devices/IC fabrication for four weeks. How do I go about it?


You can start your research using industry association websites like and find out which company suits your areas of interest. Write to them and you will be able to secure an internship. Good luck!

My son is in his second year of mechanical engineering and has keen interest in the automobile industry. He wishes to gain practical experience in this field. Please guide him.

Sofia Ansari

He can start by interning in one of the many automobile companies. I would recommend using the internship opportunity as a stepping stone to zero in on the specialisation/area which matches his core skills. This should help him set the stage for a great career.

I am a third-year Mechanical Engineering student (M. Tech. Integrated Advanced Manufacturing). I wish to pursue higher education, but I am confused whether to do MS or MBA. I am interested in Supply Chain Management, Total Quality Management and Six Sigma. Please advise.

Balaji G

If you are already working towards an integrated Master’s (M.Tech.), it maybe worthwhile to explore MBA after getting a few years of on-the-job training/experience.

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