Many students take up a course only to realise later that their interest lies elsewhere

It is natural for many students to be a little confused when it comes to choosing the right career. At times, what they feel is the right course for them turns out to be the wrong one. However, it is always better late than never. Many students get back on the right track as soon as they graduate by doing a master’s course in the subject of their choice, which teaches them the ropes of their chosen career path.

As brave as the decision to change tracks rather late into their college life is, does it really pay off? How difficult or easy is the transition?

Here are excerpts from some students who decided to follow their hearts.

Hesha V. Shah, BCA (final year), Jain College, J.C. Road

As I was interested in computers, I took up BCA and felt it was right for me. Soon realisation struck. I found out that I was really good at finance. Also, I feel it holds a better future for me. I plan to do MBA in finance. I am also preparing myself for the field I am going to take up by doing a course. I completed my basics in Neuro-Linguistic Programming [NLP] which helped me to efficiently use my communication and leadership qualities. Currently I am doing an advanced course of the same to enhance my calibre.

Chaithra Ramu, B.A. (II year), English Literature, Journalism and Psychology, Mount Carmel College

As I am a student of psychology and I have an inclination towards industrial psychology, I am planning to specialise in the same field by doing an MBA in human resource (HR) rather than doing M.A in Industrial Psychology. As I want to work in the corporate world, MBA will help me better than MA. MBA in HR will make me skilled at management as well as industrial psychology. MBA mainly polishes the person on the whole and makes the person ready for the corporate world.

Nuha Tazki, B.A. (II year), English Literature, Journalism and Psychology, Mount Carmel College

I always had a passion for footwear designing but no good college in Bangalore offers a course in this area. Hence, I took up psychology for my bachelor’s degree and decided to pursue my career in it. Nowadays, doing master’s in psychology has become fairly common but rarely are students interested in pursuing footwear designing. I wanted to do something different. Hence, I have decided to do my master's in footwear designing, not psychology.

Shruthi E.N., B.Com (II year), St. Joseph’s College of Commerce

After taking up commerce in the PU level, B.Com was an obvious option for me. Though I was always interested in journalism, I didn’t want to study it in my bachelor’s and master’s. As I was always drawn towards corporate journalism, I decided to continue with commerce in my bachelor’s. I am going to do my master's in journalism as that is where my passion lies. Also, having commerce will be a plus point while studying corporate journalism.

Nupur Vilas Bhade, B.E. (final year), Telecommunications Engineering, R.V. College

Over the past four years, I have come to the realisation that our country is making engineers like robots. Our study pattern is very monotonous and our creative skills, social skills have not been given any relevance. This makes me want to switch to something that brings out my creativity. Nowadays, every other person is doing engineering but the question is do we require these many engineers?

We also need experts who are also able to sell products devised by engineers. As a marketing professional with an engineering background, I will get to exercise my social skills that had been suppressed over the past few years. I will be more qualified than people with only a marketing degree as I understand technology better than them.

Nirav R. Mehta, B.E. (fifth semester), Computer Science Engineering, Jain University

Being an active member of the Entrepreneurship Cell of my college, I want to be a job giver rather than being a job seeker. I want to start my own venture few years down the lane, as the way of doing business has changed over the years and the trend will continue to do so. I plan to do MBA as I am good at management and it is something I love.