Step 1: Time to Perfection

Get to know your syllabus and you are good to go with the actual preparation! The most important factor that plays in the mind of every aspirant is — do I have enough time? The answer is simple — even working professionals crack this exam. The start can be with a couple of hours per day and then scaled up gradually.

There is no exact preparation time requirement as some can achieve and understand some concepts in minutes that others might take hours. The reality is that it just depends on you!

Step 2: Take a Prelims diagnostic

Understanding where you stand and what you need to do can be done only after taking a pattern test. This works on comprehending your memory gaps and in your basic aptitude. What many aspirants achieve in a couple of weeks you will be able to do so in a day!

Step 3: Tidy your Approach

Once the study engine is working regularly, the only other ammunition you need to be accountable for is your resources and material.

There is no denying the importance of NCERT texts coupled with the daily newspaper, to be on your toes, but it really becomes tidy only when you start creating a set of pointers and notes. This is something that helps eliminate the enormity of preparation by making your understanding concise and easy to remember.

Step 4: Test Constantly

Most of the aspirants, who make a mistake, do it in this step, by refusing to continually evaluate their preparation.


Scaling the summitJanuary 28, 2013