Creating art is not easy and scriptwriting is an art form where writers cannot be created, they can only be moulded. Making that clear Mindscreen Film Institute is next introducing a six-month course in screenwriting and filmmaking. The institute already offers a course in cinematography.

At a press conference held here on Friday, cinematographer and founder of Mindscreen Film Institute, Rajiv Menon, said that course is aimed at those who cannot take up the extensive three-year course.

The course covers all the technical and theoretical aspects of scriptwriting.

Talking about the demand for good screenplay writers, Mr. Menon said that though the industry has very good natural writers they get frustrated after a point and turn directors. Also, the “oral tradition” used in films adds to the production cost.

One of the main requirements for the course is that the candidate should have some written work in any language and had it published. “Cinema is about transferring thought into action,” he said, talking about writing for cinema and novel as two different things.

Explaining about the curriculum of the course, Mr. Menon said understanding of Indian love story, mythical and emotional characters, relevance of songs, stories with plots, comedy writing and tracking Indian actors will all be dealt.

“Script appraisal, how to register your script, how to hold on to your idea … will all be covered,” he added.

The course commences from February 2010, with an intake of 10 students.