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Do you feel that being a specialist would add value to my career or would having multiple skills as a generalist ?


The world is moving to generalist specialists — a specialist who is able to understand and empathise with team members from other specialisations. This requires a good understanding of other areas. I would recommend focusing on being an expert in at least a couple of areas.

Are entrepreneurial skills inherited or learnt ?

Srikar G

Everyone has risk taking abilities in them. One who can tap into that potential and practises in a disciplined manner can be a great entrepreneur.

How does one judge whether a business idea will work or not?


You can judge whether a business idea based is on the right path based on the feedback from the customers. The feedback need not be verbally communicated — it can be a repeat purchase or recommendation your product/service to their friends. The customer is the most important driver of any business.

Of late I see many colleges offering courses in entrepreneurship. Do you think such courses help in forming a a start-up?

Arjun Kumar

Courses can help you understand entrepreneurship from a theoretical perspective. But you need to put your learning and knowledge into action.

The classrooms can be a good place to team up with other passionate people with similar interests.

I have a few gaps in my resume because I couldn't find a job. I also took a break for some personal issues. How do I cover this up while seeking employment?


Be honest with yourself and your future employer. Taking a break for personal reasons shows that you are able to prioritise and take up responsibilities. Present your strengths in an obvious manner.

I wish to work from home. But I had a bad experience with a few unreliable sites. Would work from home be a good option to explore again?


Yes, if you focus on your strengths you can work from anywhere. There will always be unscrupulous sites/companies. Spend the required time in finding out the details of the company, the founders and management. You will be able to find the right ones which fit your strengths and requirements.

The writer is an angel investor in start-ups from around the world.