Going places soon? Here are three location-based apps that make it easier for you to add detail to your adventures, share that information easily and efficiently, and stay in the loop about things to come, too.


GetGlue unlocks the landscape of television entertainment. Install it for free from iTunes or Google Play and always be in the know of upcoming shows, release dates, keep in touch with friends’ activities, and access multimedia and images.

As a watcher of a TV show, you also don’t simply just stay in touch: You sign in to watch a show. The app keeps track of your watching hours and your interest in various creations, and lets you unlock stickers and badges over time. A newly added “Guide” tab also gives you access to what’s streaming on channels and in theatres right now, although updates for it aren’t available.


Glympse is a very handy app that lets you share your location in real-time to whosoever. It’s available for free for Android and iOS devices. The best thing about the app is that it’s sufficient if only you have it installed. Once you’ve generated your location, you simply share a link via SMS, Facebook, Twitter or email with anyone else along with your estimated time of arrival. The entire operation rests on having a smartphone and an internet connection to go with it.

Glympse also lets you generate locations that are visible only for a specific period before being erased. This can be useful for one-time meetings, and, well, secret adventures.


Travelgram is something like a limited Instagram with timestamps. Let’s say you’ve gone on a vacation and have just snapped photos of a picturesque location. Travelgram lets you add filters — although there are only five options — and then automatically inserts an aesthetically pleasing timestamp to the image.

This makes it easier to share the locations of your pictures without having to configure them on Twitter or Facebook. The details to be mentioned in the stamp are also customisable, enabling you to keep any aspects of your location a secret. Travelgram is available for iOS devices for free.


Bon APPetiteApril 28, 2013