QuizUp has taken quizzers-on-mobiles, and it's pretty clear why. You get to tee off with friends and strangers, the app is easy to use, there's a leader board to get to the top of, and new questions are being added constantly — including stuff on current events.

Trivia Burst

But this isn't the only mobile quizzing app out there, and there are some pretty awesome ones out there. Take Trivia Burst, for instance. Like QuizUp, it's available for free for iOS and Android devices, and unlike QuizUp, for Windows phones, too. It has a very classic user interface, includes questions in 25 categories with over ten thousand questions, so it's going to be a while before you exhaust them all. Moreover, you can help improve the app’s experience for other users by contributing questions and creating your own quizzes. While there is no option to pit yourself against strangers, you can play against friends of yours on Facebook, and share your scores.

You Don't Know Jack

And if you're just looking to speed things up and add some snark into the mix, look out for You Don’t Know Jack. Apart from trivia, this free app comes with brain teasers, riddles and other stuff that keep your cerebrum firing and honed. It’s a lovely app to share time with with your friends.