This writer owns an Android smartphone, and most of his communication and work takes place in it. While services like Gmail, Evernote and Readability sync online, indexing and searchability on other features in the phone – such as the simple SMS – is lacking. So, this fortnight, here are four apps to back up and index the files on your smartphone so you don’t lose track of anything you use it for.

SMS Backup +

Enable IMAP on your Gmail account and install SMS Backup + for free from Google Play, and voila! All your SMS and MMS messages, and call log entries, will be automatically backed up and synced with your Gmail account. You can also choose to disable auto-back up in case you have something sensitive going on. Other features include the ability to restore messages or contacts you’ve accidentally deleted, and syncing your messages with Google Calendar so you don’t ever forget appointments again (Of course, for this last bit, you could just get Any.DO and sync it with your Google Calendar).


Are you often on a computer and want to send a text message but your phone isn’t available? That does sound a little absurd, but that’s the basis of MySMS, a free app available on Google Play that’s what iMessage is for iOS devices. Install the app, which then syncs your phone to a browser. You can now back up, sync and index your messages via the browser as well as use your browser to send text messages. If your friend’s using MySMS, too, then the app works like Whatsapp does – using your WiFi connection instead of your phone’s network. Needless to say, all your messages get synced to the cloud. MySMS also has group-texting options and desktop notifications.

Moborobo and Uppidy

Moborobo and Uppidy work mostly like MySMS, using your browser to send and receive text messages. Unlike MySMS, Moborobo also has a logging option allowing you keep constant track of all your messages with metadata.Both these apps also offer dynamic syncing with Evernote, which is useful if you’re constantly taking notes about something or other. Again, they’re both available for free via Google Play.