The iOS 7 update from Apple was released for download on September 18. This latest iteration has a horde of cosmetic upgrades on its predecessor, but it also comes with some features that some apps could leverage to enhance their user experience. So, here are three apps that has done just that — make sure you’ve got them on your iPhone apart from the usual Facebook, Twitter, and so on.


The Amazon Kindle app for iOS7 has received a complete design makeover. Most of its original features stand, less obtrusive slide-out menus glide, and there’s a new feature called “Collection”. It lets you sort your books into different collections for easier reading and search later. The app also irons out some performance and stability issues.


Like Kindle, Flipboard also boasts new looks; additionally, it is also faster. The app, a heavily customisable magazine reader that’s quite popular among Apple products’ users, now also lets users delete unwanted comments directly within magazines, report inappropriate fellow users, and comes with Russian language support. More, Parallax, a battery-hogging yet aesthetic feature of iOS7, now brings magazine covers from within Flipboard to life.


TED has adopted most of iOS7’s new design aspects, including flatter typography and logotype, a better, more intuitive audio bar with a ‘time seeker’, and a simplified user interface that, according to its product development lead, “makes [the app] functionally more useful”. As a result, the experience is much lighter.

Other apps & features

Apart from design, Kindle and Flipboard, and also apps like Evernote, make use of AirDrop, the OS’s ad-hoc Wi-Fi sharing service that lets you transfer files between Apple machines running iOS7 or OS X 10.7 or later on Wi-Fi networks and sans external storage.