The best of the past and exciting new events, this year's Pragyan promises to be a grand display of talent.

Pragyan, the annual International Techno-Management Festival of the National Institute of Technology, Tiruchi, from February 25 to 28, has been designed to provide a scintillating experience for participants with very many avenues to exercise creativity and innovation. True to its tagline, the sixth edition has an impressive assortment of the best events from earlier versions and a splash of new exciting ones.

Alongside the impressive array of workshops, guest lectures, contests, and exhibitions, Crossfire will feature a panel discussion involving renowned personalities of industry and outstanding members of academia. The Workshops Team has lined up interactive sessions of interest and value to all future technologists, including Robo-geeks and Photo-freaks. The sessions constitute Ethical Hacking Workshop conducted by Innobuzz Solutions and Certified Information Security Expert certification; a 3d Photography Workshop conducted by 3d India; a Hexapod Workshop (six-legged robot) workshop conducted by Li2 Innovations, an IISc alumnus company; and Adobe Flex Workshop conducted by Adobe.

The Guest Lectures in Pragyan'10 will focus on emerging technologies and span the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Biotechnology and Evolutionary Robotics. Luminaries such as Noam Chomsky, Jimmy Wales, Dilip Chhabria, Peter Norvig, and Subramanian Swamy have graced the previous editions of Pragyan. This time, the confirmed guests comprise Padmabhushan P.M. Bhargav, Director of CCIMB (Hyderabad), former vice-chairman of National Knowledge Commission, and Member, National Security Advisory Board; Peter Nordin, Chief Scientist at iRobis in Sweden; Srinidhi Vardharajan, the inventor of the third fastest and cheapest super computer; Ranjan Dash, Founder of Y-Carbon (nano-technology, hybrid cells for electric cars), who was named Young Innovator at MIT TR35; Ramesh Jain, Editor in Chief of IEEE multimedia magazine, who is known for experimental computing; Are Hollen, Stress Psychiatry expert, and T.N. Seshan, former Chief Election Commissioner of India.

Crossfire'10 will address the burning issue of why social trends rather than hobbies, talents and interests influence the career choices of students. And the exhibitions promise to be bigger with the new event called ‘Sangam' encouraging research culture. Students from every department in NIT Tiruchi are to exhibit their research work.

In addition to the popular events, Byte Code, Dalal Street, Contraption, Junkyard Wars et al, Pragyan'10 will feature an exciting line-up of new events like Skydive and Snake & Ladders. “Pragyan has just got bigger and better¨, says Shyam, Pragyan'10 Treasurer.

Remote-controlled air shows

The prominent Chennai-based flying club in India, Remote Controlled Pilots Association (RCPA), will be organising one of the biggest air shows in south India during Pragyan at the NIT-T campus. It will feature the display of Giles 202, PiperJ3, T-51, Mustang, Cessna F16 and Boomerang, among other remote controlled-air planes and helicopters, and exhibit new models.

With the growing popularity of events, Pragyan is witnessing more participation from beyond the borders. Last year participants from Columbia, U.K., USA, Malaysia and Singapore visited the college during the event.