Trainer-led video sessions now make it easier for students to grasp concepts.

Examinations are round the corner. This trying period can be made easier for you. ‘Videos to Learn’ goes by its belief in making education accessible and affordable through the appropriate use of technology. MPower’s flagship product is a five-minute learning video series designed for various programmes which are goal-centric such as clearing tests or getting a job. This app has been designed to deliver trainer-led video lessons which help students understand and assimilate various concepts.

We all know that it’s really difficult to sit down and study for hours and be present for classes that we have enrolled for. This is where you will really appreciate this app. With the learner being free to learn when, where and what he wants to learn, it is almost like being in the driving seat. This app even also allows you snack bytes (five-minute short videos) to facilitate learning of topics that you want at any point in time. You get to choose if you want to go through the entire module at one go or select a particular unit that concerns you.

Almost the first in its offering, this app can be accessed even on your mobile or tablet. “Bringing quality content to the student and making it available 24X7 on the new age devices such as tablets, notebooks, mobiles and PCs is the focus of MPower,” says Madhumati. N, CEO MPower Learning Solutions. “Right now we are focusing on the upcoming engineering entrance exams. With about 14 lakh students taking the JEE this year, we have started with the core subjects of JEE Math, JEE Physics and JEE Chemistry,” she adds.


There’s an additional feature available on this app, which has been designed keeping in mind the several students who are preparing for their job interviews. It is available at Rs. 99 a month. The ‘Campus 2Corporate’ product is aimed at helping the 30 lakh non-engineering graduates and 5, 50,000 engineering students passing out year on year.

All you need to do is log on to, which shows a list of engineering entrance (JEE) and soft skills products that can be purchased using a credit/debit card. The home page also has icons that allow you to download a PC-based app/android versions of the app.

Why Videos to Learn?

Coaching centres are not viable in smaller towns, but there are a good number of aspirants in various towns. These students subscribe to correspondence courses, but are really not able to manage learning on their own in the absence of a teacher.

In larger towns and cities, an aspirant on an average registers for at least two programmes – one classroom and a test series or correspondence course. Why not save that money and invest in a module that can be with you forever?