Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan is conducting ‘Aadi Bakhti Vizha’ from July 17 to August 5 at its premises at East Mada Street, Mylapore.

The programme consists of lecture on ‘Udhva Geetha’ from July 17 to 21 by Dr. B. Sundarakumar, a lecture by Nagai Mukundan on ‘Parthanum Pasupathiyum’ on July 22, thematic musical discourse by R.S. Ganesan on July 23 and 24, lecture on ‘The vision of Vedanta’ by Swami Santatmananda on July 25 and 26, a lecture on ‘Alankaram’ by Kidambi Narayanan on July 27, musical discourse on ‘Ramayana-Sundara Kandam’ by Jaya Srinivasan on July 28 to August 5.

For details, contact 2464 0811 / 2464 3450.


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