A few months back, if I had to answer what Cincinnati is famous for, I would have probably come up with the Cincinnati Masters and University of Cincinnati. But if I get a chance to answer that question now, I can write an essay.

Cincinnati, located on the banks of river Ohio, is one of the prominent commercial cities of US. Many globally renowned companies like Proctor and Gamble, Krogers, Convergys and some more Fortune 500 companies have their headquarters here. Cincinnati, the ‘Queen City of the West', offers a unique tapestry of experiences that will touch our heart.

Apart from the picturesque landscapes, awe-inspiring architecture and thrilling night life, the University of Cincinnati is the hub of all educational activities not only in the city but also in the State of Ohio.

UCin, in short, is popular for its research in cutting edge technologies and also for great funding opportunities. I'm currently pursuing my Masters in Electronics and Computing Systems Engineering.


The abrupt transition from our motherland to an alien land sans dear ones can be quite harsh. The varied lifestyles, new people with queer cultures can be surprising at first. Luckily for me, the transition was really smooth thanks to a bunch of friendly seniors and friends. They helped me in acclimatizing to the new place and people.

Leading an independent life, planning finances, balancing work and fun are some of the key aspects of living abroad.

Even if we have no prior knowledge of how to live an independent life, that shouldn't be a problem. We are forced to learn all aspects of living as time goes by, which includes cooking, cleaning, paying bills etc.


American education system is designed to give an equal weightage to practical and theoretical aspects of learning. The world class research facilities, working with professors in their projects, internships at reputed industries make foreign education a worthy experience. The course curriculum enables us to carve a niche for ourselves.

University of Cincinnati in particular is well funded by federal agencies and reputed organisations like NASA, Texas Instruments, GE and Proctor and Gamble. Scholarships are available for students which is a great incentive.

When applying to foreign universities, one should take special note of universities that offer scholarships, assistantships or fee waiver. UCin is one such university that offers scholarship to undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral students.

Life at UCin

The atmosphere of the university lures us to spend most of the time on campus itself. It's always buzzing with fun-filled student activities, games and potluck parties. We can enrol in communities of our choice and gain experience in organising events.

Another enriching experience is the interaction with students from every nook and corner of the world. They bring rich cultural diversity and an encounter with them is an incredible experience. There are student communities representing people from all parts of the world and they organise a cultural expo to showcase their traditions, cuisine, music and dance. The Indian Students Association (ISA) recently organised ‘Deepotsav' on account of Diwali, which drew good response from Indian and foreign students alike.

The interaction with students from different cultural backgrounds helps us in appreciating and understanding their cultural heritage, attitude and approach towards life.

It's worth to mention the night life in Cincinnati. The parties during weekends bring great respite after a weeklong hectic schedule.

Party freaks get to chill out at uber-cool bars and discotheques while adventurists venture out to explore new lands, water rafting, trekking and various other high adrenaline activities. To conclude, education abroad can be a rewarding experience provided we choose an apt course at a good university.

Mihir Kiran Bhimaraju

Graduate Student, Electrical and Computer Engineering

University of Cincinnati, Ohio

Email: mihirkiran26@gmail.com, bhimarmn@mail.uc.edu