Devotees throng the mada streets at Mylapore for Chitra Pournami celebrations

Karpagam is at the Kapaleeswarar temple, her heart brimming with hope. She is here to witness the spectacle of Chitra Pournami (or full moon day), celebrated every year at the temple, and offer a special prayer.

“On this day, it is said the full moon’s radiance helps you accomplish whatever you have set out to” says karpagam, a devotee of Kolaveli Amman.

It is with this kind of hope that devotees have thronged the Mada streets of Mylapore, May, the auspicious day of Chitra Pornami made Mada street in Mylapore jam packed with devotees carrying baskets of various types of flowers and chanting scared prayers.

Villaku Pujai is another feature, in which married women pray for their husbands lighting lamps. Offering huge numbers of flowers is an age-old ritual accompanying Chitra Pournami.

Karthik, a flower seller, is having a field day. “Owing to this celebration, we’ve had a lot of customers buying garlands of flowers for the sacred Kolaveli Amman,” he says.

Other hawkers at Mada Street have had an equally satisfying day. For them, great business goes with Chitra Pournami.

The celebrations at the temple start at 6:30 p.m. and conclude with a grand aarti loud chants reverberating in the background. During this time, the devotees are seen carrying baskets of flowers and having pradhakshnam around the temple.

With the temple filled with colourful lights, bhajans, crackers and devotees, it is a sight to behold.

There is nothing in sight that is as beautiful, except for the full moon in the sky.

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