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Waste piles up near garbage bins, transformers


Waste disposal containers in Mandavelipakkam and Mylapore remain empty, while roads and spaces around transformers are strewn with litter, says T.S. Atul Swaminathan

Residents and the general public use the open area near the transformers at Mandavelipakkam and Mylapore to dump waste. Despite the presence of garbage bins on First Trust Main Road, Mandavelipakkam, a huge mound of waste lies next to the electrical transformer on the stretch.

“This has raised fears among residents of a major mishap in the event of someone setting the garbage on fire,” says R. Shiva, a resident of Mandavelipakkam.

At the junction of Norton Road and Norton Third Street, Mandavelipakkam, the walking area is also used as a dumping ground.

“People have the habit of dumping garbage on the streets and pavements. The Ramky Enviro Engineers have placed a garbage bin on Norton Road, but it is not capacious enough to accommodate the garbage generated,” the residents said.

Adding to this, construction debris is also dumped on the streets. “It is the joint responsibility of house owners, contractors and construction workers to clear the debris. A clear policy for an effective disposal of construction debris should be implemented to prevent contractors, and house owners from dumping it wherever they like,” S. Radha said.

The scenario on Madha Church Road, Mandevelipakkam, looked somewhat better. The residents say the conservancy staff cleaned up the place daily, but no sooner a large amount of waste would be back on the street. The presence of garbage and trash attracts a lot of stray dogs during night time and cattle during day. “The animals which eat the trash are in danger of coming in contact with the cable that lie on the ground near the transformer,” says a woman. At the junction of East Mada Street and South Mada Street, Mylapore, fruit-vendors have set up stalls and have been throwing leftovers near the transformers. They use the trash yard as a parking slot to keep their tricycles. At some places, people use space near the transformers as a urinal.

Residents believe that a solution can only be reached when residents cooperate with authorities and learn the importance of home-to-home garbage collection and disposal scheme. At present, most don’t place garbage in the bins at home and instead throw them on the streets. .

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