‘No Entry’ says a signboard at the entrance of Luz Church Road, but students are allowed to ignore it for 15 minutes every day, says G. Ramesh

From 7.45 a.m. to 8 a.m., the ‘No Entry’ sign put up a few yards from M.C.T.M. Chidambaram Chettiyar Higher Secondary School at Luz Church Road does not apply to the students of this school. Conscientious followers of the rules of the road may now frown on this provision. Let them consider the circumstances under which this relaxation was allowed. If the ‘No Entry’ rule is strictly followed, parents and guardians dropping their wards at the school, would have to go past Isabel Hospital on Musiri Subramaniam Salai and take a right turn to reach the school.

As the school authorities noticed that taking this detour prevented many students, even the ones starting out from their home on time, from making it to school on time, they have made a small arrangement. The school deploys a a few students and a staff member at the junction, where the ‘No Entry’ sign is put up. They regulate traffic for the 15 minutes, allowing vehicles carrying students to enter the road and reach the school on time.

Is it alright to take the ‘No Entry’ road?

One of the manning the traffic, says, “It’s done to help students.’’ A little while later, I notice an adult biker, who is riding alone flouting the rule.