While the power situation has improved across the city, Ankur Plaza continues to grapple with the problem of fluctuations and frequent cuts, reports K. Sarumathi

From June 1, power fluctuations and cuts seem to have come down considerably in many parts of the city. But that does not include Ankur Plaza on G.N. Chetty Road, which seems to have been bypassed by this positive development.

For over two months, the commercial complex, which has around 50 owned and rented spaces, has been grappling with an electricity crisis, with ACs shutting down regularly and lifts getting stuck mid-way. On the third floor is located the office of the World Telugu Federation, which conducts Telugu, yoga and music classes.

Federation employees report a drop in the number of visitors. Even the regular visitors are believed to be keeping away because the elevator is often not working due to frequent power failure and fluctuation.

“We have a history of electricity problem here in the complex. Earlier, during heavy rains, cable faults would lead to black-outs for two to three days. Then, we were dealing with power fluctuation round the year. Of late, the problem has worsened. Who would want to climb three floors? Most of our visitors are senior citizens and such a climb is too hard for them,” says Sri Lakshmi Mohan Rao, the Federation’s secretary, adding that many have started missing the classes conducted by it.

Repeated calls to the electricity department have not seen any result.

“The problem is at its worst from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. after which most people leave the complex. Half the time, you will see shop keepers standing outside unable to bear the heat within,” she says, adding that she has been pursuing the issue with the AE for the past 10 days.

There are a few food joints and beauty parlours in the complex which need proper voltage to run heavy appliances.

“We cannot keep ice-creams intact as they start melting in the heat with freezers not working due to fluctuation. Food also gets spoiled in the heat sometimes,” says a worker at a food outlet here.

The Ankur Plaza Owner’s Association after receiving complaints from those working here has given a letter to TANGEDCO requesting immediate redressal. Its president, who owns a shop in the complex, says half the time AC in his showroom doesn’t work. But the non-functioning lift is the major problem.

“I have submitted a written complaint just two days ago, but have been following up the problem over the phone for long. On our request an engineer had visited the complex and checked the transformer. All he said was that it has to be replaced. There has been no communication after that. We want the problem addressed at the earliest as not only shop keepers but also customers are affected by it.”

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