Chennai Auto Fares, a free mobile application that allows commuters to calculate fares and ride safe. Vipasha Sinha reports

Women who travel regularly in autos have many things to worry about — first their safety and second, whether the meter is running correctly. Chennai Auto Fares, a free mobile application created by Auro Infotech, allows you to not only calculate auto fares but also notify your family members about your location.

“As soon as you enter the application, you have to fill ‘to and from’ location and click the calculate fare button. The app immediately notifies the user about the distance and the approximate fare. It also has an option of adding the waiting time, depending on which the fare changes. Auto fares between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. are slightly higher and there is an option to calculate the night fare,” says Sayed Hussain, the administrator of Auro Infotech, who says the latest feature of the app is the SMS option.

“Once you have typed all the details, there is link that says ‘Send SMS.’ Once you click this link, it asks you to give the auto number and the app sends all the details including the place you took the auto, the destination and the auto number, to the selected contacts,” says Sayed.

The other features of the app are ‘Direction to the Destination’ that maps out the route and the ‘Fare calculator’ that displays the auto fare sheet. If the commuters have complains, the app gives contact numbers.

This app can be used by android, apple users and there is an online version too. “We will be soon incorporating another feature, where an SMS will be sent to the contacts listed by the user, notifying them the app users’ exact location. This can be used by anyone in India. We are also working on creating an auto meter version on the app. Ones switched on, the app will show a meter just like in the auto. If any disparities are seen in what the auto meter shows and what appears on the app, the commuter can immediately get down or complain ,” says Bala Subramanin, Development Head.

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