The Chennai Trekking Club Women's Forum organised a trek on May 13 to Nagala West Hills, in Nagalapuram

For all the pain she goes through, for all that she forgoes for others, for all that she gives without expecting anything back, dedicating a day for her may not mean much. But, it is enough for a mother to know that her kids love her. So, on Mother's Day even the smallest gift can communicate a message that she does not often receive, a feeling that her kids don't often express.

The Chennai Trekking Club Women's Forum offered mothers and kids a unique opportunity to bond this Mother's Day. They organised a special trek on May 13 to Nagala West Hills, in Nagalapuram, situated 100 km away from Chennai. Altogether 23 people participated in the trek, including the families (of mothers and kids) and the volunteers. Located on the Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh border, the hills are an upcoming location for camping and trekking. Surrounded by scenic spot with good weather even in summer, it is fast becoming a prefect weekend getaway.

“No age limit was given for the participants. Our oldest mother was 65-years-old, and her kid, 45-years-old. The enthusiasm that our participants showed was heart-warming,” said Sinu, one of the organisers of the trek and core member of the Women's Forum.

The day started at 4 a.m. The Forum had arranged a tempo to pick up the participants from four assembly points, falling between Tidel Park and Koyambedu. The group reached the base of the mountain at 9 a.m. where they had their breakfast and started on their journey up the hill. On the way, they crossed streams, a waterfall, and pools of water. After reaching the peak, the group cooked lunch.

“We got all raw materials with us for cooking lunch and divided the work among ourselves. We did not even carry our water bottles with us and drank from the streams,” Ms. Sinu added.

For the kids it was a perfect rustic experience. Abhirami, a mother, registered for the trek along with her two kids, said, “It was the best Mother's Day I have celebrated. Walking thorough the forest ranges, crossing streams, cooking besides water, and seeing children enjoying in the water pools was a very rewarding experience. As we stopped at each spot, we did not feel the exertion of the trek. We were back in Chennai by 10 p.m.”

The Women's Forum of the Club made a nascent beginning just a month ago with an aim to give women a chance to get out of their house, see the world and be close to nature.

“The Chennai Trekking Club is a non-governmental organisation, and makes no profits out of the events. The volunteers and participants share the cost of food and transport among themselves for the treks,” Ms. Sinu added.

The Club organises regular treks and more information can be found on their website:

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