The novelty of Hyderabadi lingo has worn off, but Aziz Naser and his pals sure know how to weave a fun yarn that delights in the understated. Instead of overdoing the language bit, the director focuses on the story. It isn't much, but hey, you have come to listen to Hyderabadi lingo with your chums in the cool of the theatre.

The tale unfolds when Azzu (Aziz Naser) and Laddoo (Mast Ali) are being carted away by a balding police inspector who stops the police jeep in the middle of nowhere and then asks the two chaps: “Do you have a last wish.” Azzu says yes, “I need to take leak.” They get down after their handcuffs are loosened and sure enough they vamoose. Then the two exchange notes about each other and find out they are in a spot because of one thug Moosa. While one of them is supposed to have committed a full murder, the other commits a half murder and the duo land up in the cooler. The full murder happens to be that of the gangster's moll while the half murder is when one of them whips out a knife and stabs a person. More than the stabbing it is a hilarious commentary about how Hyderabadis get involved in streetside brawls even if they are not involved.

In the village, it is Sholay once again as the two chaps discover that they are in Shaitanpur where the writ of Tillu Tailor oops Terror runs large. They surrender their fate to him and find out that he is after a hidden treasure called Zabardast. Before they can lay their hands on the treasure their lives get tangled with two women. One willing and the not so willing, our men turn them into putty with effortless ease.

The plot is one thing, the dialogues and the nawabi attitude Azzu and Ladoo bring to the effort is hilarious. Just when you have heard everything that's spoken in Hyderabad, Azzu and Laddoo spout one more, like the one about solving Kashmir problem without knowing directions to Charminar.

The big let down in the movie is the cinematography with shabby camera work that makes it appear as if the movie is shot in semi-darkness. The rap numbers with some words bleeped out are not a patch on the earlier efforts.